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illustrates the idea of retrograde analysis. It is only in more complicated endgames that tablebases will have any significant effect on an engine's performance. The same ambiguity exists for the en passant capture, since the possibility of en passant depends on the opponent's previous move. "Solving nine men's morris" (PDF). "Retrograde analysis of certain endgames". This difference is typical of many endgames. Each position is evaluated as a win or loss in a certain number of moves.

A b c Tim Krabbé. By 2005, all chess positions with up to six pieces (including the two kings ) had been solved. 140-43 See also Stiller 1995:93-98.

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Kc6, leading to the position in Figure. While endgame tablebases for other board games like checkers, 3 chess variants 4 or, nine Men's Morris 5 exist, when a game is not specified, it is assumed to be chess. However most tablebases search for the theoretical limits of forced mate, even if it requires several hundred moves. 72 Roycroft has used the term "oracle database" throughout his magazine,. 52 krnknn and krbknn Friedrich Amelung had analyzed these two endgames in the 1900s. In contrast according to the DTM metric, White mates in two moves, so DTM DTC.

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