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Superhero Movies 7700 Westerns 10702 Spy Action Adventure 9584 Crime Action Adventure 11828 Foreign Action Adventure 77232 Asian Action Movies 46576 Classic Action Adventure 43040 Action Comedies 43048. Netflix secret codes, there is no doubt, and it could easily argue that Netflix. Select your playback setting, then click. In this post, we will see how much data Netflix uses and how to reduce the amount of data used by Netflix when streaming. This is important because playback settings are set at the profile level, meaning you can have one profile stream in HD, while you have other ones stream. Children Family Movies 783 Children Family Movies Netflix secret codes 6766 Movies based on childrens books 51056 Family Features 11177 TV Cartoons 27346 Kids TV 6796 Movies for ages 0 to 2 6218 Movies for ages 2 to 4 5455 Movies for ages 5.

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Neither did my kids. Note: for some reason, it seems you cant access a Kids account settings directly from a web browser on a computer. That means that if you set your kids profile to stream in Medium quality, his/her cellular data usage will not go over.7 GB of data per hour streamed, regardless of the playback settings selected directly on the mobile device). Your kids data usage will then be capped to about.7 GB of data per hour regardless of the device used to stream Netflix, whether it is an iPhone, a Fire TV stick, a Chromecast, an iPad, etc. Because playback settings are set at the profile level, you can choose the streaming quality of each profile independently of others.